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Kids (and parents!) learn Cantonese better when they’re having fun.

Unconventional Cantonese Books & Resources Made For Kids

Jok Sing Jai makes Cantonese children’s books and other fun learning materials in English, Traditional Chinese, or Conversational Cantonese, as well as Cantonese Jyutping phonetics, to help your Chinese-Western children learn Cantonese.

Featured Cantonese Book For Kids

I’m Too Loud! 我太嘈啦!

This is Monster, and he was born with a big voice. Whenever he talks, everyone ends up covering their ears. What does Monster do to stop this from happening?

What Others Are Saying

My kids love these books. The YouTube videos also make it super helpful for us to follow along.
I like the Cantonese pinyin. It helps me learn as well! Fun and enjoyable read for the whole family!
I really enjoyed the book and appreciate that it has jyutping to help me read as a Chinese illiterate person.

Featured Resource

A Day-by-Day Guide to Celebrating Chinese New Year: Traditions and Activities for the 15-Day Festival

Join in the fun of Chinese New Year! Learn about the traditions and activities of this 15-day festival, from giving red pockets to making sticky rice cakes.